Negative Energy... Sigh

I found myself recently in the midst of a negative situation. How did I know? I began to not feel well. I asked myself while looking back why did I not spot what was happening earlier? I could have protected myself.

I then began to think that so often I go into places and spaces meeting people with, I hope, the best intentions. I have a grand imagination so I can imagine much that can go right and be fun and positive. There is where I rest my energy.

It comes as a surprise when I find myself in the midst of negativity or that which lacks love and care... I should know better by now? That life in all its movements consists of that which is inspiring and nurturing, and too, that which is not.

I've thought this morning instead of being blindsided by the stuff that hurts, I will be more vigil. I will keep watch and be more aware of the negativity that some folks can share. And in prayer and vigil I will be conscious of the need not only to protect myself, but also of being aware of other folk's conscious as well as unconscious negativity, so that I can get out of the way... Like one who hurls darts, I'd like to keep watch, be aware, and step to the side of it all.

I share this in case you dear reader find yourself in similar situations. I guess we all do. Let's keep watch (careful not to focus on negativity) and like snow leopards in tricky mountainous territory... we shall be agile and elusive in our need to keep away from all that is not loving and nurturing.

I read this thought too this morning by eric butterworth on connecting too with the positive...

An affirmation of Truth, for instance, is an effective "thought capsule." It is important to be still for a while and realize that you are the expression of the Infinite, right where you are, and that there is movement within you toward good, toward creativity, toward strength. Perhaps, you would like to verbalize it through an affirmation or a treatment, like this: "I am a strong, decisive, confident Child of God. I am not dependent upon this thing for security. My faith is in God within me." Say that again, "I am a strong, decisive, confident Child of God. I am not dependent upon this thing for security. My faith is in God within me," and you will come to realize that there is a Power-whether you call it "the Christ," as Paul did, or you call it "God," call it "Providence," call it "Nature," call it the "Transcendent Force," call it the "Creative Process." It really doesn't matter! It is the Power within you that can aid and guide you and pull you through any difficult times of overcoming.

Sonia Choquette is a loving and creative one who shares insightful thoughts on 'gut feelings.' I've just logged onto her website which I have not visited for quite a while. In my opinion it looks really commercial, lots of stuff there. I say this just to encourage you not to be overwhelmed by the production of it all... The thoughts she shares can be heartful and helpful. Visit and see if she speaks to you in any way...