whatsoever is... sweet

rain on this side.

it's a sweet day for writing.

i've had the thought these days of encouraging us all to think on lovely things in light of so much turmoil in the world. at first i thought this may be a silly idea... too simple to be effective. but i am reminded of Philippians chapter four where Paul encourages us to think on good things...

like art, lovely thoughts can lift the heart and mind. it's not all that needs to be done to increase light in these strange times of terror and violence in a myriad of ways in various places... but it is a wonderful tool to add to the kit as we strive for peace in all the ways that it's needed.

i personally have had to read more. i'm reading the novel i capture the castle... the simple and beautiful flow of the story helps me to relax.

choose something beautiful and indulge yourself these days! help your heart, and your mind and body to know peace.

xx tinka