just being in brooklyn is a plan

it floated across my mind... this idea of planning.

'if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.'

is an idea that is often quoted.

i agree, mostly. &... sometimes it's nice simply to go with the flow.

i suspect it comes from growing up in brooklyn.

my m.o. was to hop on the train (an elevated train in my neighborhood) and ride into the city and see 'what's up.'

i would make up my mind, or get an inkling for what i felt like on the train ride.

quite often i would use the village, more specifically, washington square park as a starting point, and meander through the village taking in the sites and doings at my pleasure and leisure.

while writing this at this moment i am beginning to realize when one grows up in this city, just stepping outside your door is the biggest plan... the rest is magic!

just being in brooklyn is a plan.

and sometimes... be open to going with the flow when it's good.