Lush Life: Short Stories

thought i'd tell somebody sometime that... my book... Lush Life, a collection of short stories is forthcoming. some writers can be shy (ahem, me). i don't quite... know how to talk about it. i thought that i'd begin here. it's one of my biggest dreams come true. that is to be able to create stories and have them published. they will be published by Adelaide Books. the publisher has been most kind and generous in their communication with me. i appreciate the fine work that they do...

let's see how this goes, that is venturing out from my quiet and private way of being. sharing what i love; stories that are enjoyable to read, even if they can be a little sad. hopefully they have meaning and can move us in lovely ways...

if you read the stories of Lush Life, and i hope that you do, i hope that you will like them.

i think that the book will be out before August end. i'm not sure, but i will keep you, dear reader up to date about the release dates. i'm tempted to call you Lush Lights... you know how Beyonce has her Beehive... (how to add the accent to the queen's name?)

ok, i'm getting a little ahead of myself:).

i hope your day is coming along sweetly.

it has been a busy week for me... but i am trying to educate myself on being a little more visible as well as sharing information on social media.

i've a beginner's flower arranging class coming up this weekend. i always wanted to learn how to arrange flowers. i guess it's the prettiness of it all that attracts me... i'll let you know how it goes.

it's quite warm in nyc these days... be cool wherever you are.

thank you for reading this far... dear you.