In the Meantime

All good things arrive unto them that wait- and don’t die in the meantime.

Mark Twain

In times of challenge and difficulty… if you can, move your legs.

I learned this from watching tennis. It seems when things aren’t going quite you way, in tennis, the advice is to move your legs, get unstuck, the movement helps in keeping things in flow until you can figure out a solution.

I’m thinking of when I feel a wee blue, I like to crawl up somewhere and take a nap in hopes of the bad stuff disappearing. I think it was Shakespeare who wrote something about the idea of going to sleep and forgetting about it all. That, it’s all crap, may as well just go to sleep.

As I’m a big fan of sleep, but we do learn that sleep is not a solution. And mostly all the time there will be a solution. We hope and work towards one that is affable. I’m not sure what affable means, but to be honest, I just feel like using it here. Point is, we hope for better days and good solutions to the sticky moments, rough patches…

In the meantime, before what pains or disturbs is solved, move your feet… remember the idea to do something along the lines of keeping yourself afloat until you’ve made it past rough waters.

Reading and writing helps for me. I mostly don’t feel like doing anything during rough patches. But I try and encourage myself to read and to write. And it all feels like it just stinks. That thing that’s bothering doesn’t disappear. But… I’ve found that when the difficult moment is over, I marvel at what I’ve done in the meantime. Something beautiful, and possible heartbreaking, has been written since when our hearts are broken there’s no room for pretense… thus what’s true is beautiful. Or I’ve stumbled upon some new and marvelous thing, simply because I needed something to help me, pushing and encouraging me to seek… search for something that soothes. I try to keep it positive. So I might discover a new author, or even sign up for a class… I learned French in this way. I was too shy to speak in class, so I need to practice…