Oo What a Day

There’s the difference between what one ought to do and what one feels like doing. I saw a really lovely interview with the author emily giffin. Mostly, I’ve never heard of her… I have seen her books in bookstores. In the interview she talked about her journey to getting to write, as well as her own writing process. It was enjoyable to watch. She also talked about how as human beings we don’t always make the best decisions, even if we try. So it all made me want to have a look at some of her books. I haven’t yet, but her interview was inspiring.

I related to when she said it takes discipline to write. Like she mentioned, I also like the feeling of of all when the writing is done… even if it’s just for the day. The hardest part is actually sitting down and writing.

The book The War of Art addresses the resistance that comes with trying to create. It actually a very good book if you are looking for ways to help with your creating. It helps with moving past the blocks that are inherent in trying to create.

I’ll have a look at some of the books of emily giffin. I liked her interview very much. She seemed kind and intelligent, progressive and aware of the challenges that we face in our everyday lives. It was a super interesting interview…

I just did a search and found the interview online. You can watch it here.